Tax Preparation Services

Finding an AARP Tax-Aide Site Near You
Scope of Services 
  • There are no age or income restrictions
  • You do not need to be a member of AARP
  • Our services are limited to Federal and Nebraska resident returns
  • At some sites we do Iowa "non resident" state returns if we have trained counselors available.
  • Returns are electronically filed ... please do not ask us to prepare a return for you to "paper" file.
  • We do have some limitations based on complexity and special forms - for example, we cannot prepare returns with:
    • Rental Income (Schedule E)
    • Complex self-employment (expense greater than $10,000)
    • Complex partnership income (Schedule K-1) - anything beyond simple interest, dividends, and royalties
    • Income from from any state other than Nebraska or Iowa
    • Income for clergy, military, agriculture, or international
    • Alternative Minimum Tax calculations
  • If time permits we may be able to help you fill out the NE Homestead Exemption form